I worked with TDF Interiors for my first home redesign. I was sick of my home consisting of mismatched furniture, was embarrassed to have guests over, and was frustrated by my lack of storage space. Even when my home was clean, it looked cluttered and dirty. Once I started working from home more, I realized I needed to invest in the help of a professional who could help make my space a comfortable place to work and live… Tina worked with me to figure out what my goals were via a detailed questionnaire, what my style is, and helped me figure out what I like and don’t like. I sent her a list of ideas and examples and she somehow turned my hodgepodge of ideas into a reality that came together beautifully. There was no way I could have ever gotten my home to the place it is now by myself. Having never used an interior designer before, I had no idea how much a room could be transformed. It’s like I moved into a different home. She also made the process extremely easy on me and I felt like I didn’t have to invest a ton of time into making this transformation happen- she just took care of all the annoying and time consuming parts for me.