I recently purchased a 15 year old house here in Chicago Land and am working on making it a home. When I got stuck on my sun room I hired Tina to help me. Tina transformed my sun room and greatly enhanced other spaces in my home. The sun room has an unusual layout and is oddly situated between my kitchen and dining room. I never used the room because it felt “cold” and uninviting and I couldn’t imagine how to fix it. Now the room is my favorite place in the house! It is warm and inviting but bright with a definite sun room feel…I found Tina a joy to work with and she collaborated very well with the different contractors and/or vendors. The sun room project involved many choices including wall coverings, cabinets, flooring and furniture. Tina took pains to understand my needs and tastes as well as my husbands and while making us both happy was not easy or simple, she did so repeatedly. The more I worked with the Tina the easier it became because not only did she learn more about my style, l learned more about my style (and my husbands)!