Update Your Vintage Furniture

Design concept for Chicago dining room

Transforming Old Furniture into New There are so many reasons to reuse and repurpose old vintage furniture.  You may have inherited an heirloom piece but the style is so old fashioned that it looks like it has come from your grandmothers house.  Maybe it has! You may have personal memories that the piece of furniture […]

Design Tricks for Easy Kitchen Updates

The heart of our home is undoubtedly the kitchen.  It is where we cook, gather, do paperwork and homework. Many homeowners are daunted by the prospect of remodeling and modernizing their kitchen because of the inevitable downtime, during which the kitchen will not be accessible for several weeks, as well as the huge cost.  Yet it is […]

Custom Cabinetry and Enhancing Your Fireplace: Do’s and Dont’s from a Design Pro

At this time of year, the fireplace which is central to most homes, comes into serious focus.  We decorate it with garlands and use it to display festive ornaments and happy memories. Who can deny the importance of the fireplace to the value of many homes.  Real estate listings always include the number of fireplaces […]

Designer Tips for a Stunning Powder Room

Summer is a time for entertaining and house guests.  Turn your attention to the smallest room in your home where you can make a dramatic impact without breaking the bank. With these tips you will impress your guests with your creativity and unique sense of style while also providing a haven for them to refresh.  Powder rooms allow […]

Designer Tips on How to Choose the Right Paint Colors for Your Home

At the beginning of the year, we start to think about refreshing our homes. In the dark, cold days of winter, we spend more time indoors and often feel more acutely the adverse effects of a home that does not feel restful or comforting. There are many factors that go into making a home comfortable and […]

How to Design an Odd Space – A Before and After Story…

Great room with built in cabinet redesigned by Chicago designer

Often, I am called in when clients have a strangely configured space or room that is tormenting them. It may be an oddly shaped recess or column jutting out in the wall or the way the doors break up the space.  Newer homes seem to suffer from these problems, possibly because builders do not pay […]

Home Construction Headaches and How to Avoid Them

Tile design for kitchen backsplash

In Chicago and the Midwest the saying goes “there are only two seasons; construction and winter”.  Most homeowners plan to take on major remodeling projects during the warmer months as there is inevitably a lot of foot traffic, open doors and maybe exterior walls exposed. Having personally gone through a recent kitchen remodeling process in […]

How to Plan your Outdoor Living Space – Design tips

Outdoor living with white all weather wicker

Is your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Summer? Now that we are seeing signs of Spring, it’s a good time to start reviewing the state of your outdoor space and make plans to create or enhance the living space you desire. Whether you design an entirely new space, complete with outdoor kitchen and fireplace, replace […]

Magnificent Ways with Tile: New Trends and Inspiration for your Bathroom

Award winning Contemporary Bathroom Remodel on Chicago North Shore

Attending a presentation in Chicago last week of New Ravenna tile and stone, inspired me to devote this month’s blog post to stunning new designs in tile that are so creative and artistic, I just had to share a few with you!  They reflect new trends in tile and design which I will explain here. I […]