6 Design Ideas for Fall to Bring the Outdoors into Your Home

Bathroom in Earth tones and a textured tile

Now that Fall is here, the unique organic shapes and patterns of nature come into sharper focus. Fall means cooler weather, warm spiced pumpkin lattes and being cozy inside our homes. Just because the weather is getting cooler outside does not mean you cannot enjoy the visual appeal and feeling of being outdoors inside!

We here at TDF Interiors believe in using natural elements, such as woven sisal or jute rugs, grasscloth wallcoverings, sculptural plants, rattan backed chairs, and even, tile, as a way to bring subtle references to the natural world into our designs.  These organic touches will ground and relax you at a subconscious level, providing a feeling of comfort and calm as well as an eye-catching aesthetic appeal year round.

1: Use a statement wallpaper with a pattern inspired by nature


Award winning Master bedroom design, in pale blue, lavender and grey. Wallpaper with tree pattern. Lake Forest, North Shore Chicago
A wallpaper with an arching tree pattern reflects the treescape from the window. Design by Tdf Interiors

In this award winning bedroom design, we used a wallpaper with a stunning tree pattern to create a feature wall behind the bed.  Who doesn’t want to go to sleep feeling like they are looking up into the trees!


Tree wallpaper by Cole and Son
A lovely reminder of being in the woods every time you go up the stairs! Courtesy of Wallpaper safari


I love the way this Cole and Son wallpaper, which is an old favorite, is used up this staircase wall.  It is such a wonderful way to add interest to an entry foyer.


2: Add a raw organic element to your furniture with a “live” edge


Live or raw edges are very reminiscent of the outdoors and this can used to great effect with stone fireplaces or even for dining tables, which is trending now.  In this fireplace I designed, we used a reclaimed piece of wood for the mantel over a ledgestone tile.  The hearth stone also had a raw edge.


Contemporary design with rustic style including ledgestone fireplace and reclaimed wood mantel for large basement family room on Chicago North Shore
Reclaimed wood mantel fireplace with ledgestone tile. Design by Tdf Interiors


Hearth stone with raw edge,
A chiseled edge to this hearth stone gives it a rustic earthy look. Design by Tdf Interiors


3: Use grasscloth wallpaper to add warmth and a wonderful textural feeling to your walls


Grasscloth is my favorite wallcovering for its textural appeal.  It is a natural material with a paper backing so it is easily installed like wallpaper on your walls. Grasscloth envelopes a room with a wonderful feeling of warmth.

It comes in many different shades and can be patterned as well as shiny or metallic.  If you don’t want the real thing there are wonderful vinyl wallpapers available that give the authentic grasscloth look (as long as you don’t get up too close!)



Dining room with grass cloth wallcovering
Grasscloth wallcovering. Design by Tdf Interiors


4: Choose a neutral color scheme for your room

Using neutral colors or earth tones in our homes can be very rejuvenating and refreshing as long as you layer in lots of texture. Neutral colors remind us of the earth, sand, stones and tree bark. Add depth to the design by layering lighter and darker neutral shades but be very careful to keep to the same undertones of color.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is to mix cool neutrals with warm neutrals.

Selecting neutral earthy colors for your larger furniture pieces, window treatments and rugs is a sensible investment decision and does not have to be boring. Neutral tones will look fresh all year round allowing you to play them up with fun colors as the seasons change.

Neutral design with Wall paper and sisal rug
A sisal rug and a neutral color palette dresses down a formal and more traditional living room design. Photo: Courtesy of Thibaut


5: Bring in flower power with colorful floral prints. 

Floral prints in loud and boldly scaled patterns and colors are very popular now. In 2016, we have seen them on the runway and we have seen celebrity designers use them on furniture pieces. At TDF Interiors, we love to use these beautiful floral patterns in our design schemes. They can be made to look contemporary and fresh depending on how you use them.

Floral pillows, as shown below, in bright fresh colors paired with a neutral toned sofa fabric do not look old fashioned.


Photo By: Courtesy of House Beautiful


6: Plants as accessories that live and breath in your home

Tall sculptural plants, like the fiddle leaf fig I featured in one of my earlier blog posts, create a bold design statement in any room.  They are very effective at adding height in a space and filling difficult corners.

It brings a room to life if you have living plants as decorative accessories.  They do not even have to be watered if you use an air plant or very little if you use succulents.  This can take the stress out of caring for potted plants. Plants can be put in terrariums or under glass cloches to add interest.



Photo By: Courtesy of House Beautiful