Unique and Artisanal, a new Trend in Textiles and Wallpaper

grasscloth wallpaper with ink blot design

In an age where we see so many products for the home looking predictable and recognizable, it is heartening to know that there are small artisanal boutiques making unique painterly textiles in small quantities. This is part of the “made-in-America” revival.  Are you looking for something different and fresh, a world away from time tested design motifs?  Read on…

Fabrics with abstract designs which look hand printed and artsy

These atelier type start ups create the most free hand  and slightly bohemian looking designs, giving them immediacy and authenticity. Because boutique companies do not need to keep much inventory, they can be bold with their designs and take more risks.

They look wonderful with today’s contemporary styles. Boutique hotels and restaurants are recognizing their unique value, as well as celebrity interior designers.  Whether it is just for pillows or drapery, they can transform the look and feel of a room giving a custom look without the price tag.

Living room with hand blocked fabric on ottomans,

Two ottomans upholstered in fabric Poolside by small boutique firm Eskayel

A soft watery design for drapery fabric from Brooklyn based company Eskayel

A soft watery design for drapery fabric from Brooklyn based company Eskayel .  Here it looks perfect with the painterly rug.

Hand painted looking wallpaper by artist

Here is the design close up. It comes in a fabric and wallpaper. Eskayal Areca palms 

We have to thank technology and the ease of digital printing for allowing these artists to create patterns that would have previously been almost impossible.  The watercolor effect is achieved by using multiple hues bleeding together which is difficult to do with traditional screen printing.

Wallpaper like paintings

Wallpaper has been going through a renaissance.  Homeowners are often afraid of wallpaper because they imagine something from their grandmothers house and of course it is a bit more expensive than paint.  But it does add interest to a wall so you may spend less on artwork or other decorative wall pieces if you have  a large blank wall.

Again artists are being very creative with free hand looking, abstract designs which look hand painted, and in some cases they are:

grasscloth wallpaper with ink blot design

This grasscloth is printed with a design which looks like ink blots. This is by Lindsay Cowles 

The designs are typically large in scale which adds to the feeling of drama.  Lindsay Cowles is a contemporary artist and decorative arts designer based in Richmond, VA.  She paints large-scale abstract oil paintings and digitally manipulates them into patterns for wallcoverings, textiles and pillows.


Bedroom showing wallpaper with hand printed looking abstract design

Wallpaper like painting in abstract design by Lindsay Cowles 

I love the way the traditional architecture of the room shown above is juxtaposed with the abstract design of the wallpaper.  So fresh and up to date.

Ceilings are the forgotten Fifth wall

These unique designs work wonders to add dimension to a plain ceiling which is often overlooked when designing a room.  It is a missed opportunity as you can see from the use of wallpaper on the ceiling of the room below.

Ceiling wallpaper in black and white

Dramatic black and white grasscloth on this ceiling makes a unique design. By Lindsay Cowles 

Custom rugs with hand drawn designs

I cannot resist sharing a custom rug that I designed for a client based on a drawing by her son.  These unique abstract designs can be transformed onto rugs as well as wallpaper, fabric, pillows, throws.  In fact the possibilities are endless.

custom rug with abstract hand drawn design, North shore chicago interior design

Custom rug based on calligraphy design. By TDF Interiors